Time flies when your having fun.

Guess what today is?? Luca Michael’s 3 month birthday !! I know people told me “time would fly” .. “don’t blink” etc. However they speak FACTS. Time has never flown by this fast in my life. With Luca being my first born I am THAT mom- (those of you with kids know the first mom blues) I overthink – I overreact – I over worry. I think 5 steps ahead with 5 million questions in my head.

To be honest I wasn’t going to write a post today. I’ve been a wreck people. Me and Luca have been fighting a cold this last week. Which obviously with what’s going on has not been easy. I woke up after a rough night of him waking every 2 hours (takes me back to the good ole newborn stage) I decided to take him to the pediatrician. Let me say this- TRUST YOUR MOMMY GUT. When I first called the doctor office I was made to feel like I was over reacting there was nothing the doctor would do, blah blah. OKAY!!! Maybe he is fine, maybe it is just a cold, however I was so sad just seeing my baby struggling and sick. I got off the phone and just sat on my bed and cried for 4 minutes straight. (Probably my 4th mommy meltdown). Mommy’s, it’s okay to feel this way. Trust your mommy gut. Thankfully by the grace of god nothing was wrong with my baby, but I was put to ease by seeing his pediatrician. Below I’m going to attach a picture of my SAVING GRACE during this last week. It’s how we survived. +a whole lot of praying.


Besides Luca being sick on his 3 month bday.. these last 3 months have been nothing short of a blessing. Luca is SO happy. I am blessed to say he is a happy baby overall. Unless he’s overtired or hangry. (Like his mamma) ! Other then that- it’s all smiles. He has the cutest facial expressions. He’s definitely going to be a thumb sucker. (He never took to a binky so his thumbs I think are his comfort). Luca loves bath time, when his mommy sings to him, he loves watching dad play fortnite *throw up emoji* (NO I don’t let him however this child will be in his swing and see that game out of the corner of his eye and TURN HIS HEAD SO HARD to try and watch. Luca can almost hold his head up alone. He’s wearing size 1 diapers, and weighing in at 12 pounds as of today!! We aren’t quite sleeping through the night- but that’s alright son I love seeing your face anyway. Thank you for letting me be your mommy. These last 3 months have been the best of my life!

Luca’s favorite toy. His play mat from www.target.com! +the one time
I actually had time to eat.
His favorite book so far- Dr. Seuss’s ABC!
His favorite sleep position 🥺
The birthday boy himself. Luca Michael. 3 months old !

If you made it to the end, thanks for listening to me ramble. I appreciate you, I’m praying for you, I’m thankful for you!

Until next time, Kianna aka (modern day mommy) 💓

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