The little things ✨

These last few weeks have been a little crazy, am I right or am I right? However the one thing I’ve tried to do that’s kept me *somewhat calm is take things day by day & not turn on the news. Yes I want to stay informed…however, I do not want to feel overwhelmed. Anyway, despite what’s going on I just wanted to do a little baby boy update and encourage you to enjoy the little things!

Having a baby makes you 10x more sentimental I feel like. I’m always taking in every little thing Luca does. Luca will be 3 months on the 22nd!! Where did the time go?!?! I have to say I’ve LOVED the newborn stage. I love the baby snuggles, the smell of his little toesies, his giggles, the small facial expressions, literally everything in between. When I had Luca, I think I was caught up more in the socializing, social media, work work work. Not that these things are bad.. but limits people. When I had Luca I realized I don’t really socialize with people in the outside world (my mom voice took over). Ha. I don’t care about having my hair + makeup done to take the cutest insta pic. And I’ve realized work can always wait because my baby is only a baby now. (Still love my job + never leaving lol) However you realize having a baby, changes a lot. Changes who you are, your routines, your friends, your whole life really. Luca has changed me for the better. If you knew me 4 years ago, chances are I am not the same girl you remember. Shoot- if you knew me 2 years ago you wouldn’t recognize me.

I thank god every day for the changes he’s made in my life. With all that is happening in our world. Take a breathe, take a step back. Enjoy the little things. Go for a walk, read your favorite book again, learn how to bake. Use your time wisely, love those who love you.

Me + Julian + Luca we’re going to visit Julian’s parents and I looked up and saw the most magical sunset I’ve seen in a long time. So we took that moment for a family photo op. Enjoy xx

See y’all in my next post! Xoxo Kianna (Modern day mommy)

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