Ballin on a budget

This is probably by far my favorite quote ever. Balling on a budget. If you asked my family and friends they would tell ya I’m a bargain shopper. This is the T R U T H people. I have no shame in my game. I’m cheap, I’m frugal.. whatever you wanna call it!! That’s me.

Over the years I’ve *collected .. yes I call it collected. Because I love to show off my shoe collection! I don’t own a single item of clothing or shoes that I paid over $30 for. I guess you could say my frugalness started back when I got my first job at 18. Obviously I was not making much money, but I did still live at home thankfully. However I had a goal of buying a house. (I was 20 when I did so) BECAUSE OF MY FRUGALNESS!

So you know your girl is always shopping for a bargain. As you read in the last post, I just had a baby and I’m heading back to work here shortly. So I was on the hunt for a few new items for work. I ran across an online store called ! This post is not sponsored (boy do I wish!! Haha) however id like to share a little review / ootd (outfit of the day) of a few items I got from their online store! Let me start off by saying I NEVER shop online. Shocking right? I’m probably one of the only girls that have never shopped online. However the price point + the cuteness = Im giving it a shot.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised. I purchased 14 items in total and I only paid …. ARE YOU READY… $101.52. On average for each clothing item I paid anywhere from $6-12!! Are you kidding me? I’m sorry, I’m still excited. I will have attached a breakdown of each article of clothing I bought with the price. They have daily drops on their site. They have a style for EVERYBODY. They have dressy, casual, swim, and even kids! It’s definitely worth checking out. The quality was about the same as their competitors. So all in all- I felt it was most definitely worth the money I spent. I’m excited to pair the items I got and bring to you guys more ootd’s!

Sweater + Sandals + Scrunchy all from

So that’s a wrap for today’s post. Hope you guys check out their website and find some cute + affordable pieces for your wardrobe! If you do leave a comment below and let me know what y’all got. If your still here, thanks for reading. See y’all in the next post.

Xoxo, Kianna (Modern Day Mommy)

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