Taking a chance

As I sit here staring at my 2 month old baby boy… I am officially writing my first blog post & finally going after something that’s been a dream of mine since I was in middle school.

Something I learned since becoming a mother is the constant feeling of FEAR. I have more to lose then I did before. However, I have more courage then I’ve ever had in my life. Like I said, starting a blog has been a dream of mine since middle school. But not until I had Luca did I realize I have so much to share. I love the idea of having an outlet to blog our families adventures but also share our lessons.

This year is our year. 2020 is the year to take chances. To step outside of your comfort zone. To do something you never imagined you could do. Bring on the uncertainty, bring on the fear, bring on the lessons. 2020, we are ready for ya.

See y’all soon,

Xo Kianna (Modern Day Mommy)

Photo By: Sarah Ormiston Photography

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